Meet Dr. Crosta


Meet Dr. Crosta



Traditional Braces

Technology in orthodontics has improved considerably over the years, making braces more comfortable and fashionable – allowing you to smile more during your treatment.

  • Traditional metal braces which have improved over the years to become more comfortable than ever before.
  • Self-ligating braces are also made of stainless steel but do not require elastics to keep the wire in place.


Invisible braces or Invisalign® are clear, comfortable aligners. This is an ideal treatment to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted – without braces. If you would like Dr. Martin to help you determine if Invisalign® clear aligners are right for you, Schedule a Consultation Now!

Partially Visible Braces

  • Clear/ceramic braces that blend in with your teeth more effectively. However, they need more maintenance and are usually only used on upper front teeth.
  • Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth instead of at the front, making them less visible.

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